John Enestvedt; National Farmers Organization

I feel greatly indebted to Everett E. Luoma for documenting this gigantic farm struggle of the past.  In my mind, history will never record a movement that had more sympathy and the backing of the farmers more completely than did the Farmers Holiday Association.  In each community the organization was completely dominated by local individuals.  The methods of struggle seemed instinctive and required no guidance from the top.  Aggressive, dynamic and democratic personalities guided the activities of the Holiday movement.  It was, in fact a most striking example of a grass-roots organization at its best.

This book is a short resume of the many dramatic and decisive aspects of this interesting, true-to-life document, told in an honest serious and enlightening manner.  If the experiences gained in that struggle could be utilized by the farmers of today, there is no question in my mind but that the solution to the farm problem would simply be a formality that we would take in stride.

It is to this end, that the experiences of the past shall be the stepping stones to a progressive future for the farmer, that I most sincerely ask: ‘Won’t you please read this most instructive book?’ The Farmer Takes a Holiday relates a most pleasing experience in rural sociology; since I was a very active participant in many of the events the book relates, this document ended my lifelong search for an individual dedicated to reporting the farm struggle of the 1930’s honestly and seriously.

John Enestvedt, former Publicity Chairman, National Farmers Organization, 6th District Minnesota


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